Conference Commissioners FAQs

How to add schedules and scores to conference sites:

Video on how conference commissioners can add games to their schedules with this video here.

Conference commissioners can always use the SportsEngine Help Center and search on how to add games as well and that will give them a step by step process.

How to add scores to the CMS:

1. Navigate to the Team page they are looking to add scores for

2. In Edit Mode go to the Admin > Permissions tab

3. Click "Add Profile" in the individual profile permissions section

4. and grant them Edit Access to that page.

5. Click "Add Profiles" in the bottom right to Save changes

6. This will allow them to add games, update scores, and edit the content on the page.

Here is a quick video on how a club can add scores: Video

Here are some direct steps to rostering staff members and a video walking through some different best practices during this process.

From the NCR HQCompetition > Rostering > Assign Staff >

1. Search Person in People Section

2. Search Team in the Teams section

3. Drag Person to Team

4. Assign the Role of Team Manager or Coach (based on permissions)

From there if a person has the SE Mobile app downloaded they can log in with the same account and their Team will show up with their permissions as indicated when rostering.

Rostering Staff to Teams for use of the Mobile App

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