Child Abuse Policy

NCR does not allow minors, those athletes that are under the age eighteen, to participate in NCR competitions or clinics without a written waiver from the age eligibility requirements. If such a waiver is considered, and the activities involve NCR sanctioned competitions which involve adults not directly employed or who are volunteering for NCR, NCR will contact the educational institution and request information on compliance with university or college procedures which requires that sports organizations establish reasonable procedures to limit one-on-one interactions between an adult and an amateur athlete who is a minor without being in an observable and uninterruptible distance from another adult. The educational institution should have a written child abuse risk management plan that satisfies best practices on mandatory reporting, education, and prevention policies or the minor athlete shall not be granted a waiver from the age eligibility requirements.

If NCR runs an event with minors, the following specific prevention policies will be enforced:

  1. Requiring the presence of more than one adult at every activity;
  2. Having a take-home/pick-up policy to prevent one-on-one situations with a child who was not picked up by parents after practice;
  3. Defining appropriate touching of a child;
  4. Avoiding socialization with participants outside of sponsored activities; and
  5. Avoiding overnight sleepover social functions.
  6. Physical contact is appropriate if it:
  • is used to assist in skill development
  • is required for the child’s safety
  • occurs with the player’s understanding and permission
  • is for the child’s benefit, not adult gratification
  • occurs in an open environment.

Physical contact is inappropriate if it:

  • includes touching the groin, genital area, buttocks, breasts or any part of the body that may cause distress or embarrassment
  • frightens, distresses or embarrasses a child
  • destroys their trust
  • occurs in a private place.

NCR will distribute the compliance plan for the safety of minor athletes via paper or electronic format on an annual basis to all participating adults who are in regular contact with minor amateur athletes. NCR will also require that any employees or volunteers who work with minor athletes obtain their written acknowledgment that they have received and completed SafeSport training, or an equivalent training as approved under the sole discretion of NCR, and passed a background check.  NCR will publish a list of acceptable guidelines for the background check every six months.

NCR, as an independent amateur sports organization, is not governed by the SafeSport Act. However, we incorporate the best practices of our members’ institutions and the SafeSport Act on an ongoing basis. The U.S. Center for SafeSport provides training and education to the public. Please refer to the SafeSport FAQs for further information. Please direct any suspected violations of policy to

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