Field Regulations and Policies

  • No dogs are permitted at the facility.
  • Absolutely no alcohol is permitted at the field unless the facility has the proper permit. All players, coaches, and spectators shall abide by NCR Code of Conduct herein.
  • There are no locker rooms adjacent to the field. Therefore, each team is encouraged to bring a team tent to serve as home-base in case of inclement weather.
  • Seating: Fans are to either use the stands, sit in chairs, or stand on the opposite side of the field from the teams.
  • One photographer per team is permitted to take photos from behind the try zones with a credential.
  • Video is allowed from behind the team benches by team staff or on the opposite side of the field by fans. Parents or fans will not be allowed onto the field to take still photos/video during a game.
  • Only credentialed individuals will have any access to the field/stadium.

  • Each team will be provided with large Gatorade style coolers filled with water. Drinking bottles and cups will need to be provided by each team.

  • All players, coaches and spectators must abide by the NCR Code of Conduct.

Lightning Policy

For NCR-sanctioned matches or events, the tournament/event director or the senior on-site referee is empowered to suspend play during adverse or predicted unfavorable weather conditions. The NCR Representative and head (or match) referee will jointly decide whether to resume play; either individual has the authority to cancel the proceedings.

Technical Zone

  • Coaches may not cross into the other team’s Technical Zone or leave their own Technical Zone.
  • No more than three coaches are allowed in the Technical Zone.
  • Coaches should not stand in/near the try zone or anywhere on the field of play.
  • Coaches must be certified and on the NCR PEV form to be within the Technical Zone.
  • Coaches should not huddle with teams on the field after scores.
  • Coaches are not allowed onto the field with medical personnel unless explicitly allowed by the match official.
  • During halftime, coaches must remain in their respected area. Coaches may not enter the Administrative Area except when petitioning for a substitution.

Water Carriers
  • Teams may only have two water carriers per match who must wear contrasting bibs or other contrasting attire to not be confused with players on the pitch.
  • Water carriers must stay “behind the rope” unless the match official signals that they may enter the playing field.

  • Coaches may not serve as water carriers.
  • Water carriers must remain in the Technical Zone unless allowed onto the field at a stoppage in play by the match officials.
  • When a kicking tee is requested, it should be taken onto the field by one of the water carriers.

  • All teams should have their own medical kit and pre-match taping supplies. The on-site Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) will provide taping of injured players, as needed. All teams should have Emergency Medical Information for each player.

  • Teams providing their own medical staff must provide the appointment letter from the school to the NCR Representative.
  • Teams may have two medical professionals. Medical professionals may roam either sideline and are not confined to the Technical Zone.
  • If medical personnel make non-medical comments at or near match officials, the medical personnel will be restricted to the technical zone.
  • Only one medical professional per team is allowed on each side of the field.
  • Second medical professional must be across from the first medical professional on the opposite sideline.
  • Medical personnel should always introduce themselves to the match official(s) before the match begins.

Administrative Area
  • The Fourth Official or Match Manager (data tracker) occupies the space between the 10m lines (Administrative Area).

  • Chairs may be set up in the Administrative Area for disciplinary/sin bin purposes.‍

  • No coach or player is allowed in the Administrative Area except when petitioning for a substitution.

  • Spectators are welcome on the opposite side of the field from the teams and behind the rope/divider.
  • No spectators or coaches are allowed behind the dead ball lines unless there is a barrier between field and spectators.

Bench Players

  • Teams must warm up in the end they are attacking into, not the end they are defending.
  • Players warming up must wear a contrasting top to the players on the field (e.g., a pinny).
  • Teams should not warm up with balls, cones or other equipment (e.g., ruck pads).
  • Teams should not warm up within 5m of the field of play.
  • If space demands it, teams may warm up in the try zone but only if they access the try zone by staying “behind the rope” to and from.
  • Team benches should also be between the 10 and 22.

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