Match Rules

  1. Matches are all to be 40-minute halves with a 10-minute halftime. If the match is tied at the end of regulation, then there will be a 5 minute water break followed by overtime. There will be a coin toss during the water break to determine side and kickoff. Teams will alternate sides and kickoff at the start of every overtime period. Overtime begins with two 10-minute periods. Both 10 minute periods will be fully played, regardless of scoring.There is a 2-minute water break at the end of every overtime period. If one team is ahead at the end of the second overtime period, then they are the winner of the match. If the match is still tied after two overtime periods, the match will proceed to sudden death. Sudden death consists of 10-minute periods with a change of sides and kickoffs after each period. Note: the teams merely switch sides and kickoff to begin the third overtime period which begins sudden death; there is no additional coin toss. The first team to score in sudden death is the winner of the match. There will be a 5-minute water break after each 40 minutes (4 periods) of overtime play.
  2. The championship weekend roster (maximum of 28 players and 3 coaches/non-player personnel) must be submitted prior to arrival at regional or national championships. 
  3. The 23-person Match Roster shall be submitted to the NCR Regional Rep or No. 4 table no later than one hour prior to kickoff. 
  4. All matches are governed by the current World Rugby Laws of the Game Rugby Union. Limits on substitutions will be in accordance with World Rugby Laws and is dependent upon the number of suitability trained front row players on the roster. 
  5. Players may only play for one club during the 15s season. A team that uses an ineligible player will forfeit that match and be subject to additional disciplinary actions.
  6. ‍A player sent off (red card) during any match is ineligible for the remainder of the tournament, unless the red card is a result of two yellow cards in the same match AND one of the yellows was the result of a repeated team offense. All red cards shall be reported to the Match No. 4 Official and the National Committee.
  7. Players/teams wishing to appeal a red card will have 24 hours to appeal it by emailingDiscipline@NCR.rugbyand must provide video evidence.
  8. The toss to decide who will kick off and to choose ends will take place at half time in the preceding match. The location will be determined by the Referee Manager at each venue. 
  9. The referee will determine whether or not team jerseys are conflicting. If they determine opposing jerseys clash, and both teams have alternates, the winner of the coin toss will choose their preferred jersey. If only one team has an alternate, they will change jerseys to accommodate those without.
  10. All players, coaches and spectators must abide by the NCR Code of Conduct, Lightning Policy, and Technical Zone Guidelines - All of which can be found within the Field Regulations and Policies.

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