Bulk Upload Registration

NOTE: You can not complete the player registration unless your club is fully registered.

1. Download and save A CSV file using the bulk player registration template. Player registration: Bulk Upload.

- Only upload 49 people or less at a time

- Complete every field or upload won’t work

2. Go to your Club’s SportsEngine HQ.  You will be asked to log in if you are not already.

3. Within your club HQ, click on the members tab on the left and then click directory.

4. On the top right, Click on the three dots.

5. Click on Import.

6. On the upload page, click on Add file in blue, choose the CSV file you wish to upload and click Next.

- Upload each member category separately (ie., Player, Player (Under 18), Coach)

7. Match the fields and make sure every field is filled out. If there are invalid columns, please fix them and provide the correct information.

8. Click Import. The members have been added to SportsEngine, but they are not fully registered until payment has been made.

9. To learn how to view if a player/coach is paid for, click on the additional help tab.

10. To complete the bulk payment, click the checkbox to the left of the member you want to register.

11. With the members selected, click the three dots in the upper right, and select Buy Memberships.

12. Select the correct role - Player or Coach.

13. Select the membership you want to buy and click Review Order at the bottom right.

14. Enter credit card or bank account information and click Checkout. The bulk player upload and registration is now complete.

15. NOTE: This same process can be used when registering coaches

16. The players will receive an email from SportsEngine with eligibility documents that they will need to sign. The waivers must be completed in order for your players to be eligible.

- If waivers are not signed, players will be considered INELIGIBLE.

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