Viewing Member Eligibility / Sending Reminders

  1. Log into SportsEngine, click "My Organizations" in top right, and click on Conference Name.
  2. Click "Members" tab on left side and then click "eligibility search".
  3. Use the filter buttton (three dashes in top right) to filter based on eligible vs ineligibile. The "Send Reminders" button will appear for all ineligible members in the top right of your screen.


  1. Click on the "members" tab on the left, and then click "Memberships".
  2. Choose te membership you want to view and then click "View Active Eligibility".
  3. You can filter using the toggle in the top right based on eligibility status.
  4. To send a reminder, click the box to the left of a members name and then click "Send Reminders" in the top right.

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