Women's All Star Team Checklist

- Ensure that your team, players and coaches are registered and submit your team’sAll Star Player Eligibility Form to eligibility@ncr.rugby no later than December 8. (Note that the All Star PEV is different from the regular season PEV.)

- If needed, book air travel. The NCR travel agency, PRS Travel, can assist you.

- If needed, book local transportation. The NCR travel agency, PRS Travel, can assist you.

- Book hotel rooms for your team. The All Star Tournament is a stay-and-play tournament, and it’s mandatory that all teams stay at tournament hotels. For assistance with booking your hotel rooms, please contact Bill Price at bprice@wise-traveler.com.

- Submit team’s travel itinerary to the Tournament Director (smarto@ncr.rugby) by December 8.

- Complete the online broadcast form by January 10 - All Stars or Small College All Stars

- To receive a training time, all clubs must complete the steps above. A member of our team will provide a sign up link to book your training time. 

- Team check in will take place 15 minutes BEFORE your training time.

- Ensure you have a fully stocked team medical kit including taping supplies for known injuries, basic OTC medications and sunblock. All teams are expected to bring their own basic medical supplies.

- Pre-orderyour team's tournament t-shirts by January 17.

- Review the Code of Conduct.

- Review the Field Policies.

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