November 9, 2022

Boise State and Texas A&M face off in the Inaugural Women’s Lone Star Bowl

The 2022 Women’s National Championship weekend will feature the inaugural Lone Star Bowl with Boise State University facing off against in-state team, Texas A&M University. The bowl match is scheduled for December 3 at the Houston Sabercats’ AVEVA Stadium.

Boise State is coming off the regular season with a 2-2 record following an independent schedule in the Pacific Northwest. Texas A&M will be looking to draw a strong home crowd and build on its 4-2 record and second-place finish in the Lone Star Conference.

The game will be played at 6:00 pm CST following the Women’s Division II and Small College national semifinals.  The Women’s National Championships games in Division I, Division II, and Small College will be played the following day, December 4.


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