May 8, 2023

National Collegiate Rugby Announces 2023-24 Membership Fees

May 8 - National Collegiate Rugby will maintain its current membership fee levels for the 2023-24 season. All club, player and coach registration fees will remain the same as the 2022-23 season while membership benefits will continue to expand. 

NCR will continue to offer two payment options in order to deliver the best possible value to both small and large teams. Plan 1 represents the best value for teams with rosters of 35 or more players, while Plan 2 represents the best value for teams with fewer than 35 players.

The coaches fee will remain at $63, which includes SafeSport training.

The membership fees include General Liability and Participant Accident insurance for players, coaches, referees, and volunteers while engaged in NCR rugby activities. Under NCR’s membership structure, referees will not incur any fees and maintain full insurance when officiating matches that include at least one NCR-registered team.

NCR is committed to re-investing 100% of our membership fees in college rugby. In addition to its existing membership services, NCR will continue to expand competition management technology, event marketing and streaming for teams. 

“While we continue to see cost pressure on some of our services, we are glad to maintain fee levels. With 16,000 registered members, we can achieve scale benefits that do not exist in most collegiate club organizations.” stated Wade Smith, NCR’s Chief Operating Officer.

Registration for next season will open on August 1, 2023.


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